Aaron Foss

Monday, July 25th, 2016 Comments Off on Aaron Foss

Aaron Foss is a modern day renaissance man. Well rounded is an understatement. Where do you find a programmer that has an MBA? Who else do you know that has single-handedly taken his invention from idea to prototype to manufacture to full business venture? Aaron looks at everything as a problem that can be solved.

Education? He’s got that. Aaron received both his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology (2000) and his MBA (2001) from Rochester Institute of Technology. Instead of taking 7 years like a normal person, Aaron completed it in just 5 years.

Technical skills? He’s got that too. As an award winning software developer, Aaron regularly shares his knowledge at users group meetings. He’s developed applications for start-ups, Fortune 500 companies and various non-profits. No joke – the Pope has looked at data that was generated from an application Aaron developed.

Business knowledge? Aaron’s your guy. In 2003, he started Alegean, a boutique software development firm that brings start-up thinking to organizations both small and large. In 2005, he started West End Ventures to develop and promote his numerous inventions. Most recently, he co-founded Smart Medical Solutions and created SmartChemo – software designed to help physicians create and keep track of complex chemotherapy order sets.

If a business were like an orchestra, Aaron can conduct it, play every instrument, and would add 2 turntables and a microphone to the performance just for fun.

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