Collective Internships

Collective Internships

LaunchPad has partnered with Savvy Hires to create Long Island’s first Internship Collective.  Combining the strategic expertise of an in-house campus recruiting department with a cost-effective cooperative approach,


  • Pipeline future hires

  • “try out” talent prior to committing to a full-time hire

  • Give back to the community

  • Manage work overflow

  • Tackle special projects

  • Bring new ideas and technologies in to your business

 Internship Programs include:

  • Recruiting

  • Interview Coordination

  • Pre-Internship Training for Employers

  • Mentor Program Development and Training

  • Kick-Off Event

  • Orientation and Training for Interns

  • Assignment Process

  • Performance Evaluations and Real-Time 360 Assessments

  • Ongoing Professional Development and Networking Events

  • Farewell Event

  • If requested, Savvy Hires can be employer of record, alleviating on-boarding costs and liability

Sponsorship available!  Do your part to eliminate the “brain drain” and help companies provide learning opportunities for students.  If interested in sponsoring, email

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  1. Alison Matthews says:

    I am the career internship coordinator at Harborfields High School. I’m not sure if this program is for high school students. It sounds like a great program.

    Alison Matthews

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